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Loudon heating and air

A Coleman modulating heat pump that we installed.


A Coleman gas/AC packaged unit that we installed for a Greenback customer.

A Coleman gas/AC packaged unit that we installed.
A flue gas analysis is part of our startup check.
Meet Marty Singer.
A torque wrench minimizes the chance of a flare leaking.
Pulling a deep vacuum on a new Coleman heat pump.
This is how we "know" that we have achieved a deep vacuum.
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Have heating or air conditioning system issues? You have come to the right place! We are and authorized installing dealer of Coleman, Trane and Mitsubishi Electric servicing all brands.

What makes us different:

Most heat and air companies operate their service departments at a near break even or loss. They do this because their service departments are primarily a tool to sell equipment. You will recognize these companies by their too good to be true offers and huge advertising campaigns. What makes Singer different is the ability to diagnose and repair simple and complicated problems. We won’t recommend anything that doesn’t serve your interest. What has worth is worth paying for. What is offered for free always involves trick or hidden obligation.

We offer financing on installations and repairs over $300.

Heat and air fincance Greenback

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Depend on us for your heating and air conditioning needs. We truck stock as many common parts as possible: ac capacitors (made in the USA), fan motors, relays, thermostats, integrated control boards, igniters and more. We have advanced tools: electronic refrigerant and combustible gas leak detectors, digital refrigerant system analyzers and combustion gas analyzers. We also offer expert HVAC equipment replacement. As you navigate our site we think you will see why Singer Heating and Cooling is one of the top rated local heating and air companies in the Lenoir City/Maryville area. Don’t trust your comfort to amateurs or pay too much to cover a competitor’s advertising budget.

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Greenback heating and air

What our customers say about us.

“We noticed that something was wrong with our unit one week prior to family coming in from out of town for Thanksgiving. I called Singer Heating and Cooling and he was able to come to our house that day to look at the unit. We needed a new unit but Marty also gave us the option of replacing the coils with the understanding that this would buy us a little time. We opted to replace the unit on Monday and he had it ordered and put in by Wednesday (only because Tuesday didn’t work for us!). Marty also installed a smart thermostat (not purchased through Singer) for us once he finished with the unit. We found him to be highly professional and thorough. I definitely recommend Singer Heating and Cooling and will be using this service for future maintenance needs.”

Chelsea Baty- Mathenia

11/22/2018 Greenback via Facebook
“I have two old units. Marty has saved me quite a bit of money with his ability to trouble shoot. Prior to having Singer Heating and Cooling servicing my units, I had another outfit try to sell me complete change outs that were very expensive. Marty diagnosed the systems and replaced minor parts. Both of my systems continue to run smoothly. Thank you Marty!”

Margaret Elgin

Oak Ridge 04/27/2019 via Google

Excellent service, well kept, clean and professional. Above and beyond the run of the mill hvac contractors. Will definately use again (but i hope not!!)

Steve Strange


Awesome and Honest Service
Singer Heating and Cooling was absolutely great. My AC was not cooling. I contacted Marty. He came out within an hour, in the evening hours even. Had it running again shortly. No bogus overcharges as some people do. He was very honest and pleasant. I’m keeping his contact info for the future. Thank you Marty.

Jason Barnes


Called Marty late last night (woke him up)! But he was here this am and took care of our a/c problem in just a short time. Fee was very reasonable.
Would highly recommend Marty to everyone with HVAC problems. A very considerate, hard worker, highly experienced, and won’t gouge you on the price!

Jim Russle


Great service and reasonable
The most important thing was that Martin answered his phone, gave me a time and was there on time to the minute. Very professional and reasonable. I highly recommend Martin.

Tom Morgan


Quick Response Time
I own several rental properties in this area. I have called Marty and requested his assistance about a half a dozen times. He always responds quickly and takes care of the issue within 24 hrs. It’s nice to have his company to depend on. Thanks.

Billy Hall


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