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Air conditioning maintenance

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Why bother with preventive maintenance when you air conditioner seems to be working fine?  That’s a good question.


Cleaning a clogged condenser coil with professional use foaming coil cleaner. Clogged condenser coils may contribute to: Poor cooling, hi utility bills, compressor or capacitor failure.


This failed capacitor was found in the above condenser.

Quite often,  especially early in the season before temperatures and humidity rise,  an air conditioning system will work just fine.   Short run times and low loads don’t put an air conditioner to much of a test.  An air conditioner in marginal condition is likely to fail when hot weather arrives.  Having a “Spring Tune Up”,  scheduled at a convenient time,  is a good way to avoid being without air in the middle of the next heat wave.

What services are included in a Spring Tune Up?

We start with a power off check:  inspection of electrical connections to make sure that they are tight and fee of corrosion or heat damage.  Measure the capacitance of capacitors and compare the reading to the labeled rating,  We clear condensate drain lines and condensate pumps.  Clean outdoor refrigerant coils with water.  Inspect indoor refrigerant coils if accessible.  Check motor bearings.  After a power off inspection,  the system is sequence tested.  We check:  vapor pressure,  liquid pressure,  super heat,  sub cooling with a digital refrigerant system analyzer.


We do not skimp on test instruments. Analog gauges are not longer good enough for today’s efficiency standards.


We discovered this corroded and heat damaged disconnect, under a customer’s house, while preforming a Spring Tune up. The disconnect was replaced before the customer lost air or worse.

Just as important,  what is not included in a Spring Tune Up:

Chemicals needed for the cleaning of very dirty refrigerant coils or blower wheels,  labor to remove/reinstall blower wheels or indoor refrigerant coils.  Refrigerant,  parts or labor for repairs,  refrigerant leak search.

A spring tune up costs $80 per system for residential customers.  Call for commercial rates.  Call 865-640-5047 to scheduled you “Spring Tune Up” today.