Greenback heat and air

Air conditioning systems include a variety of high-tech circuitry and mechanical components. Your service provider should be well versed in the complexities of the refrigeration cycle, system controls and electrical fault finding in order to correctly diagnose and repair problems that can be complex.

Singer Heating and Cooling has one technician, Marty Singer.  Marty started his HVAC career in 2003 after graduating the 1750 hr HVAC course at Sheridan Technical.  Marty brings 20 years of field experience and continued education to every service call.  

A misdiagnosed issue can cost you in time, money and aggravation.   Don’t take a chance with an inexperienced technician.

Marty is NATE certified in the installation and service of heat pumps, air conditioners and gas furnaces.  Marty is also one of the area’s few NCI certified carbon monoxide and combustion analysts.  

We use blue tooth instruments for real time input of air side and refrigerant side metrics.  These inputs are displayed on an iPhone/iPad via the measureQuick app.  These tools aid in making quicker and more through diagnostics and performance tuning.  It also eliminates the possibility of math errors or incorrect of formulas as none of the input data are manually entered.  

Greenback heat and air

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