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Singer Heating and Cooling offers affordable installation of:  heat pumps,  gas furnaces,  dual fuel/hybrid systems,  air conditioners and inverter mini split systems.  All installations are overseen by a NATE certified lead installer from start to finish.  Estimates are free.

We are a factory authorized dealer of: Goodman and Fujitsu General.    10 year parts and labor warranties are available on most systems.

We always adjust indoor fan speeds to optimize the performance of the equipment for the particular installation.

We always set heat pump defrost intervals for optimal setting for East Tennessee.

We always run a nitrogen purge though the cooper refrigerant lines when making brazing connections to prevent oxidation scale from building up inside the pipes.

We alwasy adjust the refrigerant charge for the length of the installed refrigerant pipes and system match up.

We always use the best evacuation practices such as removing valves cores,  using large diameter evacuation hoses and the use of a micron gauge to ensure that a deep vacuum has been pulled.

We always check each air conditioner or heap pump with a digital refrigerant analyzer.

We always wrap  the service valves with wet rags to prevent heat damage to the “O” rings when brazing in the refrigerant pipes.  Failure to do so can cause costly refrigerant leaks down the road.

We always check gas furnaces with a combustion gas analyzer to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently.    Simply checking gas pressure is not enough.

We always install gas shut off valves that are listed for the purpose and that can be easily shut off by hand without tools in the event of a gas leak or other unsafe condition.

We also offer expert service to back up our installations in the event of an equipment break down.