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No gimmicks or free service:

No gimmicks, cute service dogs or promises free stuff here.  What has worth, is worth paying for.  What is offered for free usually comes with tricks or hidden obligations.  Think about it.  Do you believe that companies are spending huge amounts on advertising just show up at your house offering something of value for nothing without any obligation on your part?  You’re smarter than that!  Don’t find out the hard way.

Competitor claim: “We offer a free service call.  That’s right.  We don’t charge you anything at all to come to your home!”  

How it really works:  You will be charge for the diagnostic unless you agree to pay for an over priced repair that has the trip charge and diagnostic time built into it.  And how much is the diagnostic?  You won’t know until its too late.  You are not getting anything of value for free.

Do you want to do business with a company who will use a play on words to intentionally deceive you?  Can you trust them to make a recommendation, with you interest in mind, if they will use deception to get their foot in the door?

Our Service Call:

Our service call costs $80 (M-F 8 to 5).  Weekends, holidays and after hrs service calls are $120. That covers travel to your location, within our service area, and the first half hour of labor at your location.   Calling to ordering a service call (865-640-5047) is the first step to getting your heat or air conditioning repaired.  Repairs are flat rate priced up front whenever possible.  You don’t pay extra for a job that takes more time than usual.  Most common parts are kept on the truck to get your system online as quickly and economically as possible.

Replacement estimates:

We do not charge for system replacement estimates, as long as we do not have to work on your old system

All services are COD. We accept checks, major credit cards and cash.