One of our most asked questions is “How much will it cost to get my air conditioner or heat working?”  A very understandable question for sure.  Unfortunately, that question cannot be answered until you have paid for some diagnostic time.   

Our pricing:

Our service call costs $120 (M-F 9 to 5).  Weekends, holidays and after 5 pm service calls are $180. The service call is the “minimum charge” and covers travel to your location, within our service area, and up to the first half hour of labor at your location.  

Another often asked question is “What do you charge for a pound of refrigerant?”   Refrigerant prices are changing.  We will be happy provide the price at the time if you call to ask, but please consider that price shopping a service provider is not likely to serve you well.  The company with the lowest price per pound may end up being the more expensive option in the long run. There are no winners in the race to the bottom when it comes to skilled services.  

Calling to ordering a service call (865-640-5047) is the first step to getting your heat or air conditioning repaired.  Repairs are flat rate priced up front whenever possible.  You don’t pay extra for a job that takes more time than usual.  Most common parts are kept on the truck to get your system online as quickly and economically as possible.

Replacement estimates:

We do not charge for system replacement estimates, as long as we do not have to work on your old system

Financing available

All services are COD. We accept checks, major credit cards and cash. 

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