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Diagnostic charge:

We do not offer a free diagnostic.  Read the fine print.  You will find that no one else offers a free diagnostic either.   Our competitors, who claim to offer a free diagnostic, require that you authorize their overpriced repair in order to get the “free” diagnostic. The diagnostic time and trip charge are then built into the cost of the repair.  They will bill you for this time if you do not authorize the jacked up repair price.  We are not about gimmicks or promises of free stuff.  Do you want to do business with a company that misleads it’s customers with false promises of free services?

Service Call:

Our service call costs $80. That covers travel to your location, within our service area, and the first half hour of labor at your location.   Repairs are flat rate priced up front whenever possible.  You don’t pay extra for a job that takes more time than usual.  Most common parts are kept on the truck to get your system online as quickly and economically as possible.

Replacement estimates:

We do not charge for system replacement estimates, as long as we do not have to work on your old system

Price of Freon:

EPA regulations limiting Freon/r-22 production and importation began in 2010.  By January 1, 2020 no Freon/r-22 will be produced or imported into the USA.  Only existing inventory or recycled Freon/r-22 will be available.  Spring 2018 prices for Freon/r-22 are higher than ever and are expected to keep going up.  There are cheaper “alternative” refrigerants that can be retro fitted to older Freon/r-22 systems,  but refrigerants cannot be mixed.  A complete recovery of  Freon/r-22 is required before an alternative refrigerant may be used.  There are other requirements for alternative refrigerants.

In many cases it makes more economic sense to replace a leaking Freon/r-22 system than it does to repair it.  We are happy to discus the options with you so that you may make an informed decision.

Some air conditioning companies are telling consumers that it is illegal to add Freon/r-22 to a system that is leaking,  and that by law the leak must be repaired before refrigerant can be added.  Simply put that is not true in the case of residential customers.

All services are COD. We accept checks, major credit cards and cash.