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System Replacement


At Singer heating and Cooling we are not comfortable until you are comfortable.   We offer expert replacement of air conditioners, heat pumps and gas furnaces with a NATE certified lead installer overseeing every job from start to finish.

Air Conditioning and Heat Pump replacement

We either replace the existing refrigerant pipes or flush them to remove contaminants. This practice is vital to the longevity of your new system because the mineral oil used in your old R-22 system is not compatible with the r410a refrigerant used in new AC and heat pump systems.

We also flow dry nitrogen through the refrigerant pipes while making brazed connections. This often neglected practice is necessary to prevent the inside of the pipes from developing scale which can lead to clogged metering devices and compressor bearing or motor winding failure.  We use the best evacuation tools and practices to ensure that your new air conditioner or heat pump is dehydrated to a level that meets or exceeds the manufacture’s specifications.  This is critical because moisture in the system will cause the oil to hydrolyze and cause acid to  form  in the system.  Acid leads to the premature failure of the compressor and other major mechanical components of  the refrigeration system.  It is difficult to clean acid from a contaminated system.  An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  



Gas heating systems are great for warming cold winter days and nights. A properly installed and maintained modern gas furnace is a very safe and comfortable way to heat a home. The safety and efficiency of you new furnace will  be verified with a combustion gas analysis.  Combustion analysis is a vital  detail that our completion neglects.

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